Amanda Lau

Everything changes when the foot strikes the floor

Your foot is your first point of contact with the ground. As your body’s main shock absorbers, your feet are vital to how the rest of your body moves.

What is

Podiatry is the study of the foot and ankle. Your feet are a crucial part of your body as they are the only part of your body to make contact with the ground on every step.

As your body’s main shock absorbers, your feet are pivotal to how the rest of your body moves. For example, when you’re running, up to four times your body weight is absorbed through your feet. If your feet are not working correctly, the rest of your body has to compensate in order to take the load. An overload of the soft tissue and joints of the feet and ankles is one of the most common causes of injury.

Podiatry can help a multitude of problems, not only in the feet but throughout the body. A trained podiatrist will take a holistic approach, looking at your feet and how they move in relation to the rest of your body.


“Amanda thinks outside the box and challenges why you have pain or why you are not functioning at your optimal level. I only use Amanda for this reason!”
James Dodd, Osteopath

“80% chance of surgery, willing to try anything and was recommended Amanda. It has made such a difference, I am back on my feet with such efficiency-even wearing heels!”
Leanne, Patient

“Amanda’s expertise transforms ‘two left feet’ into ‘best feet forwards’! I have total faith in her judgement, skills and wonderful manner with my patients. She is amazing!”
Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith, Sports Doctor

“After one session, Amanda restored my hope having sought expert advice for three years. Her skill-set and knowledge facilitated the solving of a very complicated issue, and I have never looked back.”
Edwin Thomas, Actor

Amanda gained her university degree in Melbourne. In conjunction with this, she worked with Nike Australia, supporting athletes at endurance events. She continues to work as a consultant for Nike UK at conferences and educational sessions

For seven years Amanda worked for Pure Sports Medicine, alongside a variety of specialists, and with the RAF for five years. She has vast experience with surgeons and specialists in London and Melbourne and with athletes in a wide variety of professional sports.

By working with complex injuries at Foot and Ankle Clinics, Amanda’s knowledge was enhanced, spurring an interest into the functional ability of the foot and the role it plays in the kinetic chain. She practices podiatry based on the principles of functional movement; combining physical, biological and behavioural sciences to create successful rehabilitation, treatment and injury prevention strategies.

Amanda has lectured at Queen Mary University, UCL, the London Tennis Association (LTA), Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (ACPSM). She's contributed to 'Running Fitness', 'Runners World' and 'Women's Fitness' Magazines.


Your initial appointment will take 45 minutes and will include a full biomechanical analysis. Amanda will then put together an individual treatment plan for you, including:
advice on footwear / gait analysis / padding and taping / stretching and strengthening advice / modification of footwear / possible prescription of orthotics and insoles

If customised orthotics are required as part of your treatment plan, moulds will be made of your feet and sent to our specialist laboratory for manufacture. This will increase your appointment length to one hour.


Podiatry is covered by the majority of private medical insurance companies and you will require a referral from a consultant in most cases. Please check with your insurance company before making your appointment.


Please bring sports kit and a selection of shoes to your appointment. This will enable a comprehensive assessment of your movement patterns and biomechanics in all aspects of your daily life.


If you would like an appointment with Amanda, she currently works at the following locations:

Institute of Sport Exercise and Health 170 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 7HA +44 (0)20 8004 8838